Biggest Wins on Slot Games

Slot games are known for being exciting, thrilling, and lucrative – click this now to play some online slots. With their flashing lights and sounds, many players fall in love with the mysteries of the reels and the chance of winning big prizes. Whilst we all long to hit that mighty jackpot, some players have succeeded in taking home jaw-dropping rewards. Here are stories of some of the biggest slot winners of all time.

Mega Moolah

The Guinness World Record holder for the biggest online slot win is currently held by Jon Heywood. The Brit won an exceptional amount of money in 2015 whilst playing the Mega Moolah game. After only 25 minutes of signing up, Jon, who was watching a documentary at the time, was amazed to see an incredible figure flash before his eyes. The former soldier could not believe that he had landed the jackpot of £13.2 Million!

Dark Knight

In 2016, an anonymous Australian won an incredible $10.4 million from just one spin on the Dark Knight slot by Microgaming.

Hall of Gods

One lucky Swedish woman was left overjoyed after winning around €8 million on the popular Hall of Gods slot game. The woman won this amount from a€50 bet, and promised to use her winnings to pay off her family’s debts and to buy a new car.

Mega Fortune

A 30-year-old Swedish man created headlines in 2015 when he won a large sum of money at the Folkeautomaten casino. The man had been playing Mega Fortune, a NetEnt game, when he won a massive $9.57 million. In a state of shock, the man recalled racing home to wake up his wife. He later claimed he would use his winnings to pay off his mortgage.


Is there anyone luckier than Elmer Sherwin? The American first experienced the glory of the slots in 1989 when he won a life-changing $4.6 million on a Megabucks machine in Las Vegas. Incredibly, in 2005, Sherwin one for a second time. Much to everyone’s disbelief, Sherwin had once again landed the jackpot, and this time took away an eye-watering $21.1 million. Sherwin gave most of his winnings away to friends, family, and charity.

How to Win Your Own Jackpot

Unfortunately, there’s no sure-fire way to guarantee success of the slots, and the element of chance and luck is what makes the game so appealing. However, there are some steps you can take to ensure that you are in with a better chance of winning.

  • Read the instructions carefully. Whilst some people are eager to launch straight into slot games, it is always important to carefully read the instructions so you are not missing terms and conditions that can lead to bigger wins.
  • Choose a slot with a high return to player (RTP). This rating can usually be found in the information section of the game.
  • Know your limits. Make sure you set yourself a budget and stick to it.
  • Make sure you’re signed up to mailing lists to take full advantage of any email promotions you may receive.

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